Larry Scherer

Managing Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Services

Larry Scherer is the Managing Director of Facilities & Infrastructure Services and has been with the Nakupuna Companies since 2017.
Larry works closely with our customers to develop forward thinking strategies and enjoys digging in and ensuring an integrated and thoughtful approach on behalf of the client. Supporting multiple contracts, he is responsible for leading the design and implementation of efficient and complex solutions on behalf of the client. He thrives on finding both elegant and innovative solutions for the client and offers an integral skillset in planning and executing information technologies and physical infrastructure strategies, culminating in an empowered and quality service delivery for the client.  Additionally, Larry works across the Nakupuna Companies to provide its staff with dependable, forward-looking information management and technology solutions.  He is responsible for ensuring compliance the security of corporate data as well as compliance with federal regulations related to IT.
Larry’s career tenure includes working in key leadership positions at large, multi-faceted information technology operations and in the C-suite level at Department of Defense and Homeland Security agencies. He has led business lines focused on IT, infrastructure engineering, design, and installation.
Larry earned his master’s degree in Management from Colorado Technical University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bridgewater College.

Fun Fact

When not supporting Nakupuna Companies’ IT and client requirements, Larry can be found outdoors spending time with his family or coaching high school football games.

Career Advice

Be prepared for opportunity; you don’t have to get ready, if you stay ready.