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Nakupuna works with federal and defense organizations to solve tough challenges and build value, long-term.

Benefits of Direct Award Contracting with Nakupuna

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Jointly prioritize requirements and design solutions.
Avoid delays associated with competitive procurements.
Up to $100M without J&A for DoD Sole-Source Contracts. (48 CFR 219.808 1(a))
Direct award contracts to eligible Nakupuna Companies support Federal SBA goals and cannot be protested. (13 CFR 124.517 (a))

Benefits of Direct Award Contracting with Nakupuna

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Direct Collaboration With Nakupuna

No Size Limits

No Protests

The Nakupuna Direct Award Process

The Client and Contracting Officer decide to sole source the project to the Nakupuna Companies.

The Contracting Officer sends a Letter of Intent to Award and a description of the project to the SBA.

The SBA reviews the project and confirms the Nakupuna Companies' capability to perform the work.

The SBA sends a letter of acceptance to Contracting Officer.

The Contracting Officer informs the Client that final negotiations may begin with the Nakupuna Companies team.

Once the terms are agreed upon, the contract is awarded and the Nakupuna Companies team begins work.