The Nakupuna Companies are truly different.

We believe in the power of ideas and are not afraid to try new things to deliver results for our customers.

Our unique structure and commitment to service makes sure we always put our customers first.

Our values-based service model allows us to:

Approach every problem with elegant, creative, and sustainable solutions.

Serve our clients with the goal of delivering enduring, impactful outcomes.

Foster lasting business relationships through loyalty and trust.

We enact positive change for our clients and partners every day, and are continually motivated to support the Native Hawaiian Community.

The Nakupuna Foundation embraces our founder Warren Nakupuna Ah Loo’s belief that together, we ALL can make a positive impact on the world. The Foundation works to prepare Native Hawaiians for 21st Century job opportunities through targeted investments in STEM educational programs while preserving Hawaiian culture and supporting an array of Veterans and military families. Visit the Nakupuna Foundation website to learn more.

Founded in 2003 to serve clients in base logistics and contract acquisition management, Na Aliʻi is a small company that has expanded to offer an array of federal and private organizations a broad spectrum of management, IT, facilities & infrastructure, logistics, and environmental support services.

Established to provide knowledge-based services to Department of Defense and government clients, Nakupuna Solutions, Nakupuna Consulting and Nakupuna Services are certified 8(a) and graduated 8(a) companies offering management consulting, IT, facilities & infrastructure, logistics, and environmental services to government and private customers.


The Nakupuna sail is inspired by the spirit and sense of adventure of the original inhabitants of Hawaii who sailed throughout the Pacific Ocean. Their waʻa kalua (double hulled and double sail voyaging canoe) and successful crossing was the product of Polynesian intellect, ingenuity, and self-confidence. The Nakupuna sail is a symbol that connects our present to our past, and represents intelligence, perseverance, sustainability, and, above all, a will to thrive, not just to survive.

Hawaiian history is tied to the ocean, which offered Native Hawaiians a reliable source of food and a means to explore the world around them. The makau, or Hawaiian fishhook, in Na Aliʻi’s logo signifies the Hawaiian Islands’ connection to the ocean and our respect for the history of the Hawaiian people. The Nakupuna Companies operate under the belief that deep connections with customers, employees, and the Native Hawaiian Community can help in achieving prosperity for all.