The Nakupuna Foundation and Nakupuna Companies build on a lifetime of commitment to public service by our original founder, Warren Nakupuna Ah Loo.

After a distinguished 30-year career, Warren started Na Aliʻi—eventually to become the first of the Nakupuna Companies—which grew into a thriving, successful business solving the government’s hardest challenges while supporting economic opportunities for his beloved Native Hawaiian Community.

Sadly, Warren passed away shortly before his 68th birthday. In his honor, Na Aliʻi leadership founded the Nakupuna Foundation, which was approved as a Native Hawaiian Organization in 2018. Once certified, the Foundation assumed ownership of Na Aliʻi to ensure it could continue its mission of supporting the Native Hawaiian Community and its values, people, and culture. Na Aliʻi continued to thrive, allowing leadership to form a new, sister company, Nakupuna Solutions. Both Na Aliʻi and Nakupuna Solutions offer our customers access to dynamic teams of committed professionals while serving as the main vehicles of support for the Nakupuna Foundation. Our Foundation gives back to the Native Hawaiian Community through supporting other Native Hawaiian nonprofits, sponsoring scholarships that benefit Native Hawaiians, and helping Veterans and other organizations that contribute to the betterment of our communities both in Hawaii and on the continent.

As the Nakupuna Companies continue to grow and form new companies under the Nakupuna Foundation, our leadership is committed to ensuring that Warren’s vision and values translate into every project we undertake and every employee we hire.

By providing outstanding services to our customers and contributing to the betterment of Native Hawaiians, our companies serve as a testament to Warren’s belief that we all can make a positive impact on the world around us.