Lance Mclain

Managing Director, IT Services
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Lance is a Managing Director of IT Services and has been with the Nakupuna Companies since 2016.

As Project Manager for the design and development of the U.S. Navy’s Pay and Personnel (NP2) system, Lance applies his robust PeopleSoft expertise and agile methodologies to deliver working software to the Navy in incremental releases. At the U.S. Navy, Lance successfully scaled agile delivery for ERP software implementation. He achieved this by incorporating multiple sprint design, development, and testing processes into a staggered, overlapping schedule to support large delivery of PeopleSoft software features in two-week release cycles. Lance believes that producing new PeopleSoft developers and functional analysts is better and more effective than recycling personnel from failed PeopleSoft implementations. Therefore, to overcome the scarcity of dependable PeopleSoft talent, he created the Na Aliʻi Academy training program, a unique approach to staff management and training that has enabled him to take a small team of four and scale to a team of more than 100 that outpaces far larger teams at delivering working software. His team’s continuous growth reflects customer satisfaction with our work building and modernizing their personnel and pay system and demonstrates their confidence in the Nakupuna Companies to complete the project on time and in accordance with established timeframes.

Prior to joining the Nakupuna Companies, Lance implemented PeopleSoft solutions to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government agencies for over 20 years. He served as project manager, testing manager, developer, and analyst on many successful PeopleSoft implementations including a project that delivered the only live PeopleSoft implementation of an integrated personnel and payroll system for a uniformed military service, the United States Coast Guard. He has also consulted on many other successful ERP implementations such as Target, GEICO and Pepsico to ensure upgrades, implementations, and production support operations were successful.

Fun Fact

Lance has run 5 marathons.

Career Advice

Deliver working software, do hard things, and show what good looks like.