The 14 Leadership Development Program cohort members at the program kickoff

Arlington, VA – On May 19, 2022, the Nakupuna Companies officially kicked off their Leadership Development Program, a new enterprise-wide initiative to internally develop the talent and leadership skills essential to the long-term success of our business. The program’s initial cohort includes 14 individuals representing all Nakupuna office locations who will take part in various professional and personal development activities throughout this year and in early 2023.

The Nakupuna Leadership Development Program is designed to equip and empower future leaders to motivate and lead elements of the Nakupuna workforce to sustain unparalleled service to our project teams and clients, drive successful execution of corporate goals and objectives, and improve the Companies’ financial performance. Program events will include seminars, guest speakers, professional mentorships, a professional reading series, and other activities that will help participants focus on and improve everything from their understanding of our corporate operations and their business skills to their physical and mental wellbeing. Cohort members were selected through a rigorous application process that looked at each candidate’s education, diversity of work experience, overall performance history, and a nomination from a company leader.

Nakupuna Leadership Development Program“Launching the Leadership Development Program is an incredible milestone that makes me even more excited about the future of the Nakupuna Companies,” said Jason Greenawalt, CEO of the Nakupuna Companies. “The 14 cohort members represent some of the best and most talented individuals from across our growing family of companies. I am extremely proud of them and commend the entire cohort for choosing to invest their time and effort into improving their readiness to assume future leadership roles in our organization. I can’t wait to see their development and progress throughout the first iteration of our program.”

The Leadership Development Program’s capstone event includes a Hawaiian history/culture immersion segment that will take place on Oahu. The trip will include cultural and philanthropic activities designed to instill in the cohort members a deeper appreciation for and connection to the Hawaiian culture and values that are at the core of the Nakupuna Companies’ and Nakupuna Foundation’s purpose and mission. Leadership Development Program events will continue monthly until the capstone event early next year.