Logistics Services is the Nakupuna Companies’ 5th official Line of Business

Arlington, VA – The Nakupuna Companies have formally established Logistics Services as their fifth official Line of Business, joining Management Consulting, IT, Facilities & Infrastructure, and Environmental services in Nakupuna’s broad and dynamic portfolio. This new business line is built on past and existing success delivering exceptional logistics solutions to several clients, and gives Nakupuna the momentum to offer its services to an even wider array of customers.

“Our growth represents the tangible impact we’ve made on our clients over the last several years,” said Kevin Lengyel, Nakupuna’s Managing Director for Logistics Services. “Our experienced team of logistics professionals bring a passion for excellence every day, and when combined with innovative technologies, tools, and approaches, we are able to provide outstanding results for our clients.”

Nakupuna’s existing logistics portfolio comprises 12 current contracts with over 175 employees across 20 states, where we provide comprehensive service delivery in areas such as property governance and audit readiness, inventory and supply chain management, logistics IT development and sustainment, and integrated logistics support.

“Adding Logistics Services as our fifth Line of Business is an outstanding achievement and an excellent reflection of the dedication of our logistics project teams,” said Jason Greenawalt, CEO of the Nakupuna Companies. “It’s also a signifier of the amazing success we’ve been able to cultivate across the Nakupuna Companies in all our major business lines. We’re excited to continue to offer great logistics solutions to our existing clients while pursuing new opportunities to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.”