Mike Fogle

President, Nakupuna Solutions
President, Nakupuna Federal
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Mike Fogle is the President of Nakupuna Solutions and Nakupuna Federal, and has been with Nakupuna Companies since 2017.

Mike’s leadership and oversight responsibility largely centers around supporting the development and execution of long-term growth strategies for the Nakupuna Companies, including organizational alignment and improvement of operational execution. When a customer needs a solution, Mike rolls up his sleeves and gets his whiteboard messy. He plays an integral role in facilitating meetings, building spreadsheets, exploiting databases, and executing strategic plans. His dedication toward finding win-win solutions for our clients helps to cement the Nakupuna Companies’ reputation as a reliable and innovative service provider.

Mike’s government consulting experience spans a wide spectrum of projects and functional roles. Previously, he was Vice President at RGS Associates, Inc., where he was responsible for Defense-related business, with his focus on creating business value that translates into improved support to the warfighter achieved through cost savings, process improvement, and improved strategic focus. He was personally involved in designing and executing solutions in information technology and portfolio management, budget and financial management, energy strategy, information design, and strategic planning support. Additionally, he led the company’s strategic business development efforts and partnering for long-term growth in the Defense sector.

Mike supports the Native Hawaiian Community through workforce building events such as volunteering at a community cleanup of an ancient fishpond on Oahu with the Malama Loko Ea Foundation. He also volunteers and supports organizations such as Wish for Wheels, donating bicycles and helmets to low-income kids to promote health and adventure. Closer to home, Mike serves as a volunteer coach for Alexandria Little League, encouraging effort, attitude, and teamwork, just like he tries to do at the office.

Mike earned his master’s degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

Fun Fact

Mike enjoys creating the most eclectic Spotify playlists and usually can’t fit all of his gear for his many outdoor hobbies into his car in an orderly fashion, which somehow causes him to think he needs to buy additional gear.

Career Advice

80% of life is showing up, and the other half is being good at math.