The Challenge:

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) needs efficient, fast-acting internal logistics processes to keep its headquarters facility in Arlington, VA properly supplied and supported. ONR has over 1,000 employees, the majority of whom work at headquarters, and they require logistical support services including facilities engineering, secure document control, and setup for large events. Prior to the Nakupuna Companies coming onto this effort, the efficiency and orderliness of certain logistics support functions at ONR had slipped to unacceptable levels. Significant process improvements were needed to restore the level of logistics support that ONR required.

The Approach:

The Nakupuna Companies undertook a complete revamp of the troubled logistical functions at ONR, introducing major process improvements to the supply and delivery systems that were suffering from poor performance. Our team developed and implemented new processes for ordering, cataloguing, and distributing vital supplies for headquarter personnel. Our improvements in the headquarters building supply center were particularly sweeping – we converted the center to a retail-style model to maximize convenience and accessibility to ONR personnel and implemented streamlined special order procedures to ensure that necessary items for conferences and command events could be quickly procured when needed.

The Results:

The quality of logistical support at ONR headquarters was radically transformed, ultimately enabling ONR leadership to execute its logistics and administrative mission duties. ONR personnel and leadership have expressed great satisfaction with the dramatic improvement in accessibility, promptness, and user-friendliness in the command’s supply system. The Nakupuna Companies helped ONR revitalize their logistics support functions and improve the efficiency of everyone working in the command.