On May 3, 2019, the Department of Defense (DoD) signed an agreement with USALearning, a component of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that specializes in learning and development resources for federal employees. This agreement intends to modernize DoD training and ultimately cut the department’s cost of training employees.

All DoD Components have been directed to determine whether USALearning is able to provide assisted acquisition services for their training and education requirements, and USALearning has been tasked with helping to develop an online Common Course Catalog and a Common Learning Record Repository for the DoD.

A team from the Nakupuna Companies has supported the Chief Management Officer (CMO) since July of 2018, and as part of that ongoing contract, they will be integral in supporting the intended outcomes of the agreement with USALearning. In addition to their daily duties assisting the CMO, our team will be responsible for designing a repeatable process through which USALearning can provide assisted acquisition for training and education related products and services to DoD Components.

This team will also monitor the implementation of this process and associated metrics in order to document the value and sustainability of this partnership with USALearning to DoD senior leadership. Our extensive knowledge of DoD and its expertise in managing new processes are critical to the success of this new partnership with USALearning, and will allow DoD to cut costs while modernizing its approach to training and education across the entire department.